Friday, May 14, 2010

I had one of those days where everything just seem to go wrong.

I invited myself to go to Wenatchee to get some fruit trees with our neighbor Eric Rocker. We decided to leave at 7:00 A.M. in the morning on Wednesday. Melissa said we could use her box trailer, so the trees would not get wind burned. We got to Melissa's a little after 7:00. Only to have to go get the trailer wired. We went to a place here in Benton City to get the wiring taken care of. But they did not open until 9:30. So I called Ty at Les Schwab, he said he was sure he could help us. When we got there Ty said I should have told you that the guy who knows how to do wiring won't be here until 9:00. I said that is okay we will just go to B&B Trailers in Richland. I went to get in the truck when I noticed that we had a flat tire on the trailer. I ask Ty to please put air in our tires, which he gladly did. As he was finishing the last tire he asked "do you have a spare tire?" To which I replied I doubt it, but i'll look, of course there wasn't one. Ty said hang on, let me see if I can put one together for you. Which he did and put it in the back of the truck.

We took off for Richland with no lights. Made it to B&B trailers, where we were informed if we got caught with broken marker lights, we would be fined for each light that was not working. Yes, there was a lot of light issues, including the turning, stopping lights and no license plate light. They told us it would be a 6 hour job to repair the electrical system. We left the trailer there and can home, changed out trucks and headed for Wenatchee. As it turned out we did not need the box trailer as the trees were bare root stock and were not in containers. We would have looked really silly to have shown up in the huge trailer to pick up two small boxes

We had planned to be home by noon, it turned out to be 7:00. Just in time to get Mikaela to mutual and me to the library.
what an exhausting day. But I did get 2 almond trees. I planted them tonight, not where I wanted to plant them, but at least they are in the ground.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Better Choices

Well for as many comments that I get on this blog, it is about to become extinct.
Seem to have lots of other things to keep me busy. Like right now I could be working on Genealogy, I could be working on the Cemetery burial log. I could be working on my young women's medallion, I could be reading my scriptures, I could take a nap.

Monday, January 25, 2010

new web address

I have changed the web address on my blog it is now hope to see you all there remeber I like comments Brad

Mikaela Can Do IT, YES!

Well Mikaela has been on meds. now for about two months, for her mutated genes. I do not know if the meds. are the reason for the following, however I certainly hope they are and that our future is going to shine.

Saturday Dad informed me we were down to 4 bales of hay. So I went in search of hay and found some in Badger Canyon @ Uttley's. So Dad went to hook up the truck and get ready to go get the hay. Mikaela and I had been in the office working on math. As soon as Dad went out the door to get ready, Mikaela wanted to go as well. My response was, "are you kidding, you have two pages of assessments to do." Mikaela asked "if I get it done then may I go?" "if you get it done." Now I have a pretty good idea that she is not going to get it done. After all the day before we spent 4 hours on two pages of math and then the assessment that consisted of about 4 questions. I wanted to beat my head on the wall before we finished that lesson. And this assessment was the unit assessment. It covered 13 lessons, some of those lessons we had to review as we did them in the spring of last year. So I was expecting her to struggle a little bit. So Miss Mikaela sat down and in less than 15 minutes (before her Dad was even done hooking up the truck) she said "I am done." Want to guess how many she had wrong? I didn't tell her how well she had to do on the test, I just said that she had to get the assessment done, and done it was. I was just finishing up grading that last unit, when she said she was done. She only missed one on that lesson. So I checked her unit assessment. How well do you think she did? I was in shock when I found she had only missed 1 on it. WOW!!!!!!!

I am really hoping that her meds. are working and this is the beginning of a very bright future. Yes, I realize we will most likely still have struggles. But won't it be nice if it comes a little easier than it did for the rest of her siblings.

Last Stage of Christmas

Well UPS is full of mess ups. After promises of returned phone calls that never came. After being called a liar by the head UPS man in Kennewick. After a promise to put out a call tag for Kathlen's family Christmas package and forward it on to Ann Arbor and a follow up call to give me the tracking number (which never happened). To top off UPS's flub ups it appears that they never put out a call tag for the package. At least no one ever heard from them about picking up the package. Kathlen's In laws had to deliver the package themselves. The package finally arrived this last week. Can you guess who I am never shipping with again. Alright enough complaining. However I plan on a annual "DON'T SHIP UPS"!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


To all who read my families blog do not alarmed there is no divorce occurring in the family I am simply announcing my separation from this blog I will now be posting on my own blog site and if you wish to read that then here is the site the amzingcrazy adventures of Brad: My life
thanks to all.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Stages

Look at those EYES arn't they Beautiful!!! Great Grandpa Star is still shining through. This makes 4 generations of blue eyes defying all the brown eyed or hazel eyed parents.

Garrett's Dr. Seuss hat from High school days. It looks better on Starlynn don't you think?

Starlynn gets lots of help opening her presents. Okay so the present came from Auntie Nea Nea

What is that?

Oh, you have got to be kidding. This can only spell trouble.

Look at the devil jumping up and down with excitement in his eyes. You know that means trouble for someone. Probably me. I am so not pleased. In case you are wondering, it is a power remote control with 4 control boxes. I can only imagine all the things he will come up with to use those for. But it won't be long before he displays his imagination gone wild.

Can guess where Heather laid the rug. Thanks Garrett and Leslie.

Grandma's Warm bear buddy. He has a magical back. It opens only to reveal a heat pack. It is cool , I mean warm. Thank you Leslie, Garrett and Starlynn.

Hey, whats with all the thumb sucking? I thought that you got over that when you were 16?

Starlynn with one of her many books.

Christmas was great. We did it in stages. We had Christmas day with Grandma and opened a couple of gifts. Then went to the church for a potluck with some of the members who did not have much family with them. Garrett and Leslie and Starlynn came Saturday. Bob worked so we waited until Sunday to open the rest of the gifts. Kathlen and Jon could not be with us this year. But we still mailed gifts. The package from Kathlen did not get here until the Monday after Christmas, Bob worked so we waited until Tuesday to open it. Kathlen and Jon still have not received our gift and do not know when they will get it, as UPS promised it by Wednesday (today) but it won't arrive until the 4th of January, after they have left Sturgis and gone home to Ann Arbor. I am not very happy with UPS.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!